Is Magento a Good eCommerce Platform SEO-wise?

Magento, for sure, is one of the best platforms when it comes to building an ecommerce website. But whether it is good SEO wise or not, remains the topic of discussion here.

WordPress, as we all know is widely used for any kind of services. And with its host of SEO plugins, you can surely reach one of the best ranks in search results with WordPress. But is it also possible with Magento?

More about Magento

Magento is the king of eCommerce platform. While WordPress caters to all kinds of website needs, Magento is built solely keeping ecommerce in mind. And that also makes it one of the best choices when it comes to building such a website. The code of this platform is very complex, and it comes with a host of extensions and plugins.

All it does is, make the experience of user and website owner amazing. There are hoards of features in this platform, which makes it easy to use. The website that we get as a result, is highly professional looking, with world class features inbuilt to it.

SEO friendly?

Now coming to the elephant in room, is Magento SEO friendly?

Yes, definitely. Just like various other extensions and plugins, it also has numerous SEO tools that make the website extremely SEO friendly. You can check out a lot of such tools on MageWorx. Not just with the help of tools, you can also get a good ranking if you follow some simple SEO practices on your website as well.

However, it somewhere lacks as compared to other platforms. There is no in-built blog facility, which usually helps increase the SEO friendliness of a website. Along with this major drawback, there is also lack of some sophisticated SEO practices that keeps it at bay SEO wise.

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So, while it has plenty of features and SEO tools, a few minor flaws surely places it a bit lower on the list of all eCommerce friendly platforms.

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