Why is online reputation management for doctors more Important than SEO?

For a doctor, making his clients happy is utmost priority. The word of mouth is no longer localized. Even though the doctor is local, the customers or patients now take it online to express their views about a particular doctor. This leads to the online reputation.

What happens if a doctor does not take care of his online reputation? What if he invests everything in building the SEO of his website or business?

Well, online reputation management for doctors is much more important today than anything else. Here is why I am saying that.

Reviews run a business

No matter how strong your SEO is, your reputation will always be a priority. With SEO, you might be able to rank better in search results. But what next? On Google or your own website, if people have submitted bad reviews, the customers are not going to come to you now.

So even if your SEO was excellent, your bad reviews led to downfall of your business. Now if you take care of those reviews and look after resolving the bad experiences of patients, your reputation would improve. And this means more positive reviews would flow in. With this, even Google or other search engines will also give you preference since you are loved by the customers.

See what happened here?

Even though you have not focused on SEO much, your positive reviews themselves will help you run your business successfully.

What to do next?

It is time you start taking care of your online reputation. But how can you do that? If you start investing your time here, you might not be able to focus on your practice efficiently.

So here, those companies come into play which look after reputation management for doctors. But if not this, you can also take care of those reviews which are damaging your image.

  • Monitor all those channels where publishing reviews is possible. For this, you can even set up a Google Alert.
  • Start replying to the reviews and get involved. If you show concern on the negative reviews and talk to the customers, the negative aspect would be mitigated a lot.
  • If you think your patient went happy, ask him to submit a feedback.
  • Show your goodwill by submitting some articles on health, etc. on forums or social media.
  • Last, but not the least, evaluate your practice. Start knowing your customers more and work on making them happy from your end itself.

These few steps will help a lot in managing your online reputation and help build your business better.

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