3 Ways to Make your Website Interactive

Every website owners wants to get good traffic on his site. But is that so easy?

It takes a lot of effort to make a nice website, and then promote it better, in order to get good number of footfalls. But mostly, an interactive website is all you need to give a head start.

When your website is interactive, your users stay on your site for long. In this way, your bounce rate also decreases, which in turn improves the SEO of your website. This results in a better ranking of your website in search results. But the main question arises how you can make your website more interactive?

Use Polls and Quizzes

People love fun. And what can be a better way to have some fun and entertainment than playing some quizzes and taking polls. Research suggests that they get maximum attention out of all the interactive ways you try.

Where quizzes can be long and varied, a poll usually is a question followed by multiple answers. Users vote for the answer they find most relevant and then they can see the vote results. You can include any short poll in the side widget or anywhere on your website where it is most accessible.

Check out the poll maker if you are unable to make a poll on your website. This helps you create one easily based on the question and answers you have.

User generated content

People also love when their own content showcases on the websites. So, you can either accept content from users in any form, or you can ask them to contribute to your pages. Generally, the content can be in the form of posts, images, or videos. For example, if you are running some product campaign, you can ask users to send videos of how they used the product and how they find it.

This is a great way to attract attention of the people, and it also helps spread positive word of mouth for your website. Also, your content creation keeps happening regularly, without you taking the burden of adding new content from your side.


Contents demand submissions from people. So while they can be lengthy and occupy a lot of your time, they surely get people to interact with your website more often.

Isn’t that what you eventually need – more interactions? In one way, you rely on your target audience to keep your website running by participating and submitting their answers.

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