What Services do Typical SEO Companies Provide?

Every website needs SEO done if it wants to rank good and get some organic traffic. For this, many people like to hire an in-house SEO team to look after that, while others simply take help from an SEO company for the same purpose.

But when we talk about SEO, what comes to your mind?

Besides the overall back linking, what all services are you aware of, that an SEO company provides you with? Here we are including some that typical SEO companies like seoheroesbangkok.com provide you.

Keyword Research

Not just backlinking, you also need to write some SEO friendly articles on your website to help you rank better. Backlinks will function well only then. But how will you write SEO friendly content?

Unless you have proper keywords with you, which you can easily target, SEO won’t be much helpful. Besides simply doing keyword stuffing, you also need to research the proper keywords which you can target. And this is one of the things SEO companies do for you.

Good SEO companies will help you out by searching for less competitive keywords that can show results instantly. Even though these keywords might have less traffic per day, but with multiple such keywords, you can target a dedicated traffic to your website.

On Page and Off Page SEO

With On Page SEO, the experts will organize your pages with the keywords that would help make them SEO friendly and get better rank in search results.

And with off page SEO, all the backlink building takes place. A better linking strategy for your web pages will give them higher authority, than just merely increasing your backlinks from any random website. With higher authority, search engines will start giving you higher preference over the other websites with lower authority.

Website Development

Although this is not the inherent part of SEO, but many SEO companies also help in website development to handle the website completely. You won’t have to depend on the technical stuff yourself, when you hand over the website design and development part to your SEO company.

These were some of the major functions that any SEO company would provide. Additional services depend on company to company.

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