How Can You Make Your Dental Website More Authentic?

The number of dentists in a country are higher than any other doctor profession. So, most of the people prefer searching for dentists online and then visiting them based on their judgement.

With SEO and keyword stuffing, almost every person has become the self proclaimed best in his field. Hence, checking out the dentist based on top results criteria is really a waste. Because, you can come on the top just by doing good SEO. However, you cannot become a good dentist through this.

Your website speaks volume when it comes to judging you. So, how can you make your website more authentic?

Online Reviews

I had a detailed discussion with one Bellevue Dentist on this factor, about how the online reviews play a crucial role in their reputation. So according to the discussion I had, it is highly important that a dentist’s website connect to various online reviews. These reviews can be submitted on various platforms, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Google
  • Other reviews website, and so on.

You obviously cannot include each and every review on your website. So the best way to carry that out is by connecting to those links. There are multiple plugins available that allow you to embed the reviews from multiple platforms on your website.

This way, you will come out to be realistic and authentic, rather than digital marketing driven doctor.

Easy Interaction

Since your website becomes one of the first points of contact, it becomes important that you lead the users onto 2nd step easily. That means, make it easy for your customers and your visitors to contact you. Be it through email, phone number, or any other way. Your users should not find it difficult to reach you.

Plus, having the shortest response time is also important when you let people contact you via emails. Having good first impression matters the most for a dentist, specially when there is a lot of competition.

Along with this, you should also let people schedule appointments with you, without having to go through the rigorous communication. You can easily show that on your website regarding which slots are booked, and consecutively confirmation calls to make everything easier for your patients. Obviously, that should not be the only way to schedule appointments. On call scheduling should also be facilitated.

These few steps go a long way in building your reputation. Not to be mentioned, having a good designed website, which is also mobile friendly is the basic requirement you need to fulfill. And after that, you can carry out the other steps, such as working on the SEO front and building quality links. Some of the sources, such as Submitcore SEO Reseller, can help you in your SEO needs if you plan on working on this yourself too.

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