The Right Practices for E-procurement Process

When you deploy e-Procurement software for your business, you will of course want it to offer you the best ROI. This is how your business will grow and justify what you have invested. Here is a list of the best practices for e-Procurement, so you can enjoy the benefits of this technology.

Secure Support throughout the Business

Change is hard for individuals, but the sole way your deployment of e-Procurement is going to succeed is promoting company wide usage of the software. Senior pioneers in your business and influencers in your groups should be enrolled to promote the advantages of the e-Procurement system.

If the pioneers and influencers are always using with the new system the rest of the employees will using it.

Have Concise but Detailed RFI, RFP and RFQ

When you send a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request For Quote (FRQ); you’ll need to have important responses. This cannot be done if correct information is not given or are not enough.

Consider what you require carefully, and check if all prerequisites are listed. For example, if you need materials of a specific quality, put those down. Not being specific, enough can prompt providers either offering products that are too low in quality or too costly. This can likewise bring supply costs up in the long term.

Try not to go for the Lowest Bid

This is not in every true, sometimes the lowest bid may be the right bid. However, there will be times, particularly in a reverse auction scenario, where the lowest bid has a pricing structure that implies you will be paying more than you realize.

Rather, look at the entire contract and the expenses and quality of deliverables. Only then, would you be able to discover what supplier is best for your business.

Engage With Vendors in Reverse Auctions

Costs and quality alone do not make great partnerships. You have to realize that you can address providers about issues, changes in demands and other details. The only way you can do that is to engage with suppliers during the reverse auctions.

This can be easily done when you have online chat facilities incorporated within the software. While talking with providers, you are looking at how they address you, answer your questions and the response time.

Employ A Procurement Checklist

Checklists are the basic tool that can be used inside the e-Procurement process to figure out what stage the procurement process is at. Though a checklist can be kept on paper, there are chances that it can be lost, misplaced or inaccurate. The digital versions are often more accurate and you can connect the action on the checklist to a specific document on your PC.

Procurement checklist  are usually great for guaranteeing everybody in the procurement team is on the same page while also decreasing processing times and preventing wastage.

Look At The Entire Purchase-To-Pay Process

When you are implementing another new system in the business, of course more than one areas will be impacted. In the case of e-Procurement process, many departments and jobs will be affected. Hence, before you implement your new system, analyses your complete Purchase-to-Pay process to guarantee you’re including everybody who is affected.

In this way, you can maximize savings made all through the business by optimizing processes over the organization, not simply in the purchasing departments.

Benchmark Your Current Procurement

You will never get to know the success of your e-Procurement process if you don’t have a benchmark to test it against. Consequently, before implementing another e-Procurement software, benchmark the costs, time and different measurements you need to gauge when the new system is being used.

Measurable results will not just enable you to see the advantages of your e-Procurement system, apart from it will also help you sell the system to your staff.


Technology alone will not help you reduce expenses in your e-tendering system. You have to coordinate the investment of the software with on-boarding staff and guarantee they are using that technology in the ideal way.

Only then will you understand the potential fortune that e-Procurement software can offer you consistent benefits in your business.

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