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If you are responsible for content marketing of your company, content writing must be your main task. As more people like to read through blogs and contents about the things that interest them, keeping them up to their expectations is important. Having good blog content and providing them with the right message through the blog is crucial.

But keeping the blogging website updated and populated with interesting stories must be a hard job. Your time must be crunching you and you look for solutions. Writing them yourself by spending sleepless nights could be your second plan, but hiring a content writer for this purpose will be the first.

While this idea seems to be tempting but how will you make sure if the content writer is suitable? Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring one.

1. Writing proficiency

Everyone is a writer until they start writing for a blog. Finding a writer seems to be simple and easy, but no one would like to read something with bad grammar and sentences. A professional writer is expected to have some sort of portfolio of their work. Their writing skills can be ascertained by asking a piece of their portfolio. Sometimes, asking them to write on a certain topic for you can act as a part of the hiring process.

2. Attention to blog requirements

The requirements for blogging content may vary and change from time to time depending on the reader’s interest. Make sure the content writer pays attention to every detail and guidelines provided by you. This will ensure the quality of the content remains unique and appealing.

3. Knowledge about your blog

Writing content without focusing on the main idea is worthless. Make sure the content writer you are about to hire has plenty of ideas about your work, your company, the background, etc. They should be focusing on the main theme of your blog niche, and not on any out of topic info.

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4. Efficiency and Reliability

How can students build career as content writer

If you want to publish an article today, you would want the content writer to submit the article a day before the deadline. This will allow you to find some time to go through the article before the final submission. Make sure the content writer is reliable and completes the work within your given timeframe. Failing to do so may bring a bad reputation on your blog.

5. Feedbacks or reviews

Getting out information can be a tricky task. The answer to where can the correct information be found might be right in front of your naked eyes. Yes! It is easy to obtain the feedback or comments on a tasker through a reference check. Just simply ask them for one. The reviews will help you to decide if the writer is a suitable match for your job. One of the questions that could be asked is “If they are willing to hire the writer again for their future writing task”. If they are happy, they will surely give positive feedback and may also suggest you hire them.

And last but not least, in order to prevent any future PR disaster,

6. Screening test

A screening test for the purpose of recruiting someone is a definite decision. By doing so, you can make sure the writer is honest and does not have any criminal history. While this might sound somewhat odd, freelancing companies such as Airtasker (a platform to outsource tasks) include a background check or police check before approving someone as a reliable tasker. They require all the taskers to get a police check done before creating an account for them. A tasker is someone who will do the task assigned by you to them. So, if you are hiring someone from other sources, a police check will give you peace of mind.

Final Conclusion

Creating quality content for the audience is a big part of being successful for your company or business. However, it may not always be possible to come up with new content every day. Hence, hiring a content writer would be your best solution when you in need of fresh and creative new content daily. But, you can’t just randomly hire someone out the blue, you need to take the step to ensure there’s nothing that can tarnish your company’s future. You never know if someone you hired has agenda personally or politically that might ruin your company’s reputation.

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