How to be successful on YouTube with Health Videos?

Everyone has a bit different definition of being successful on YouTube.

  • For some, it is having large subscribers
  • For others, it is earning a lot of revenue

But in both the definitions, the end result is the same. Being popular on YouTube, as well as make a living out of it.

Now, there is no dearth of the kinds of videos on YouTube. But still, some people manage to make the similar kind of videos and still become popular bu outshining their competitors. How does this happen?

Today, we will share with you some great ways of marketing your videos on YouTube, if you are a health blogger, or have your own health channel. I hope you have already thought about the kind of videos you will make and share. If not, better be clear on what you want to make and who will be your target audience. Because the rest of the techniques will only work when your base is ready.

Touch Variation

When you are talking about health, there is so much you can do here. For example, you can talk about the home remedies, yoga postures and exercises for certain ailments, food habits such as quitting caffeine, and so on. For each kind of video, your target audience can remain more or less the same.

So try to touch different topics with your videos so that you can attract attention of a large number of people. This is ideally one of the best strategies. If you are unable to think horizontally at the very beginning, then you can think vertically for some time as well. By vertically I mean, if you are focusing on exercises, you can upload different videos for different ailments and kind.

Once you are comfortable with that and you feel that you have exhausted your options, switch to the other kind then.

SEO of your Video

Making a video is just 1 half of video business. Marketing it efficiently is another half. And just like you promote an article on your blog or website, even YouTube videos can also be done in the similar fashion. Here as well, you need to take care of the SEO front.

Do a proper keyword research based on what people are typing to watch your kind of videos, what kind of title are your competitors using, what meta tags are they using, and so on. Before you go ahead and upload your video, it is essential to see what is running wild in the market already.

Such research will be highly beneficial for you in terms that you would now know how to give a suitable title to your video, and what meta tags you should use.

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