Got a Women’s ecommerce Store? – Here’s some Social Media Promotion Tips

Having a gender based eCommerce store is extremely beneficial for your success. It not only gives you an edge in search results, but it also helps you market your products better with a higher conversion ratio.

Moreover, with stores targeting women, you have plenty of options to explore and target. While some websites like Myntra go for wide variety of women clothing, others like Zivame or BagBella prefer targeting a much narrow niche. If the numbers are to be trusted, a micro niche helps you reach out to your customers better than a generic niche.

For example, if you have to buy swimwear or under garments, where will you go first? Zivame or Myntra? Most of the people would definitely go with Zivame. This is how a brand builds itself with targeting the micro niche segment.

Now when you have a women eCommerce store, how you are going to take advantage of social media to promote your website?

Add Links to Stories

Both Facebook and Instagram are the widely used channels when it comes to promoting eCommerce. And both also give you an option to put up your stories.

So add links to those Instagram and Facebook stories wherever possible. Instagram now shows content based on the popularity. So it is difficult to come ahead by just posting the images or videos. Stories are one way to reach your target audience quickly and efficiently.

Import your eCommerce store to Facebook

Did you know you can now sell directly through your facebook page?

This has been a great feature enabled by Facebook recently. Now you can import your eCommerce store directly on to the Facebook page. For this, you have a WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin, which makes it possible for you. And you also don’t have to worry about how your product will look on your Facebook page. This plugin keeps your product hierarchy intact, which means you will see products in similar fashion on Facebook, as you did on your eCommerce store.

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